Asg-29E PH-1405 / '9E'

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Asg-29E PH-1405 / '9E'

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ASG29E, PH-1405 / 9E
Never crashed.
2K PU type paint in excellent condition and very well maintained.
Fully Mylar sealed in excellent condition.
Construction: 2008
ARC until 19-01-2019, new arc can be part of the agreement
Launches: 210
Hours: 875
Serial number: 29538
Engine hours: 9
New type propellor
Engine always properly conserved during the winter. Engine starts and runs reliable.
Maintained by Service Center Terlet, detailed information available.
Pictures: ... HtOha?dl=0
Cobra trailer 2008, SL package, nicely polished. New tires in 2018. Front fitted with 9 Rako boxes to store equipment. Able to charge glider batteries inside trailer.

LX9070 Flarm with V8 vario, WiFi function, remote control stick, airbrake and gear switch, and waterballast switch.
Becker 6201 radio.
Garrecht VT-01 Mode-S transponder.
57mm Winter vario, altimeter and airspeed indicator
ILEC engine instrument

Jaxida covers, 18m.
Blue tinted canopy
Relief system
Leather interior
Mount for smartphone including usb charger.
4 batery slots, 2 x LiFePO4 batteries.
4 x battery chargers.
2 Solar-panels flush on engine bay doors.
Electric or manual bugwiper system with Flexi-wipers.
Nose and C/G hooks.
Lead weights included.
Tailtank installed.
Transponder antenna.
Oxygen mounting installation.
2 wing stands.
Canopy cover.
2-way Pitot/Static tube.
Available immediately
Price: 135.000€
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